Why is a parking bylaw important?

    Off-street parking regulations are one of the many ways the Township’s strategic plan and Official Community Plan will be realized. This includes ensuring that the right amount of parking is provided in future development and that all parking facilities are well designed and safe. 

    Further, updated off-street parking regulations will help the Township address its key objectives, such as increasing the provision of bicycle parking, ensuring universal access through provision of accessible parking, and supporting a shift to electric mobility through provision of charging facilities for electric vehicles and electric bicycles.

    Where can I find the current parking regulations?

    Esquimalt’s current parking regulations for private development can be found within the Parking Bylaw.  Public parking is regulated through the Township’s Streets and Traffic Bylaw.

    What are Off-Street Parking Regulations?

    Off-street parking regulations determine the number, type, design and layout of parking spaces required as part of all new development. 

    This addresses parking for conventional vehicles, as well as specialty parking for accessible vehicles, visitors and electric vehicles. Requirements for bicycle parking may also be included.

    What are On-Street Parking Regulations?

    Consideration of time or user restrictions on on-street parking are determined by the municipality and can be established through its Streets and Traffic Bylaw.

    How will this project impact parking in my neighbourhood?

    This project will review parking supply and usage throughout the Township. 

    Through analysis and public consultation, this project will recommend areas in Esquimalt that have challenges related to parking supply, compliance issues and opportunities for modernized parking such as EV charging, bike parking and accessible parking.

    Will Esquimalt remove parking?

    This project will explore opportunities where existing parking could be utilized for other uses, including other types of parking (EV charging, accessible parking, bike parking).

    Will Esquimalt charge for parking?

    This project will explore the financial implications and opportunities that paid public parking could result in.